About Us


Security/Executive Protection

We are committed to promoting higher standards and quality service

High standards. This is what separates Security/Executive Protection from the competition. Place your most valuable possessions your peace of mind and sense of security in the hands of a company that goes out of its way to set and meet high standards of operational excellence. We believe in going the extra mile to bring you the service that you desire. We take pride in the growth that we have experienced, and will continue to strive for excellence to meet our customers, partners and employees expectations.

Our Vision

To be Recognized as the Most Professional, Ethical and Highest Quality Security Company in the Industry. Our values will always go the extra mile in dealing with people, whether they are members of the public, customers.

Our Mission

TRUST. STRENGTH. EXPERIENCE. SERVICE. LOYALTY Our first priority is the safety of the general public and our clientele. Lawful business owners and their employees — untrained, unarmed and unarmored — put themselves and the general public at risk when they move their cash and products between their businesses, homes and storage facilities. We minimize the risk of criminal activity and create a secure retail experience by protecting businesses on-site and securing their assets on the road.