Commercial Security

Corporate Buildings, Retail Stores & Malls

We provide armed and unarmed officers for a wide range of commercial clients. Whether you need an on-site officer or a marked patrol vehicle to protect your property against crime, Entourage Executive Protection Security Services is the company to call for all of your security needs.
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Preparing For Security Emergencies

There are a variety of corporate security problems that can plague businesses, including shoplifting, vandalism and employee theft. During tough economic times, many businesses struggle to absorb the effects of these practices and are often forced to utilize increasingly more complex commercial security measures to combat theft, fraud, vandalism and assault. Also, some companies are even liable for injuries that occur on their premises when they do not take reasonable and necessary corporate security precautions. For example, if a customer is assaulted in a parking lot and the parking lot did not have sufficient lighting, it might be liable for damages.

Commercial Security Measures

Luckily, there are a growing number of corporate security features that are not only more effective, but can also save businesses money. For example, security cameras are becoming more sophisticated and can be set to begin recording when specific events occur, such as a shoplifter carrying unpaid for merchandise past a sensor. However no two approaches will work for all businesses. For example, while security guards might be needed for some establishments, other companies would benefit more from using keycards that restrict employees to specific areas.

Dealing with Multiple Access Points

One of the major problems that many businesses, casinos, and hotels face is that they have multiple access points for their guests. While convenient, having multiple access points will make it harder to regulate who enters into and exits, creating a security risk.

New York Hotel Security

Regular security patrols might be ideal for giving guests in New York hotels, Businesses and casinos a sense of security and identifying guests who either do not belong in the hotel or are engaged in illegal activities. Implementing some form of identification system can help patrolling security guards verify whether an individual belongs in the hotel.